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Homily for the second Sunday of Easter
Mass with President's Society and Alumni
Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., celebrant
7 April 2013

The reality of the resurrection of Jesus is just too great for a single day's celebration.  And so, for the past week, every time we have prayed the introduction to the Eucharistic Prayer, the celebrant has said "on this Day... when Christ our Passover has been sacrificed", indicating that we are in a sort of suspended and extended time of the Easter feast, drawn out for eight days as if it were one. So today we come to the octave day, which we call, not the Sunday AFTER Easter, but the second Sunday OF Easter.  It is the day when another of the post resurrection appearances of Jesus is recalled, a week after that first day of the week that sent all the disciples into confusion and fear.  This time, however, the apostle Thomas was present -- Thomas who had until now not seen the risen Lord, and so had refused to believe.

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