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Saint Anselm branding collateralLight pole banners have been installed across campus to build brand identity.
Saint Anselm branding collateralThe 2012 Family Weekend postcard elicited emotion, while carrying lighthearted text.
Saint Anselm branding collateral"Door flags" were created to welcome students back to campus for the 2012-13 academic year.

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Anselmian to the Core

Saint Anselm branding collateral

If you sit in a Saint Anselm classroom every day or already have a Saint Anselm diploma on your wall, if you prepare lectures or keep the grounds, if you support our programs or enjoy events on campus - you are an Anselmian.

As an Anselmian, you know this is a special place. Maybe you felt it the moment you arrived for a tour. Maybe you have been shaped by a lifetime of Anselmian memories and friendships. Perhaps your Saint Anselm experiences influenced your career and guided your personal life.

No matter your place in the tapestry of Anselmian life, you share common traits: a creative mind and generous spirit, a drive to achieve, a love of tradition and a need to innovate, and a devotion to growing spiritually and morally as we live lives of meaning.

As Anselmians, we also want to share the best of who we are. We are developing a (traditionally) new way to showcase the college. You can help us by telling us what being Anselmian means to you.

Portraits Magazine: "I am an Anselmian"

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