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Move in day 2015What does an Anselmian welcome look like? Something like this. Welcome home, Class of 2020!
A Spring Break Alternative participantMore than 200 students participate in Winter and Spring Break Alternative trips annually.
Students stand in for candidates on the ABC debate stageWe take our debates seriously, whether they're presidential, or not.
A men's lacrosse playerTwenty sports. One team. A tradition of excellence. Go Hawks!
Students perform in the college choir at the Abbey ChurchOur college choir is second to none, and celebrates 29 years of performing in 2016!

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Anselmian Personality

Our personality sets the tone for how our brand communicates.

It articulates the ways that we want our audience to think and feel about our brand.

These six personality traits will drive the voice and image for all brand communications.

(how we want people to think about the brand)


timeless and traditional, but not
formal or old fashioned


using experience to break
new ground 


taking time to reflect


(how we want people to feel about the brand)


vibrant and enthusiastic
about what we do 


compassionate and
concerned for others 


generous and kind


  • Note, in the table above, the introduction of our neutral palette, an element of our visual brand.

Being Anselmian - A 125-Year Tradition of Devotion: College Viewbook

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