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Making It Real



This "travel" piece leverages brand language, color palette and digital links to introduce prospective students to Saint Anselm College.

Leading with bold, single facts and statements on the front of the deck -- and a photographic montage with a web short link on the back of each card, this is the first print piece that prospective students would receive in the admission cycle.

Number of students 
(a.k.a. Anselmians) 
on our campus. 

Some colleges have more, some have less. To us, it's just about perfect. Enough so that there's always somebody around to toss a Frisbee with, but not so many that the Frisbee hits like 12 people every time you throw it.

Get more information about our students at

Saint Anselm Facts and Figures

Viewbook 2016-17

Our 2016-17 viewbook completes the core suite of admission publications for prospective students. The viewbook presents design, photography and voice that is in line with the new brand standards. 

The viewbook is designed with bold questions and photography designed to elicit a feeling from prospective students that they could see themselves at Saint Anselm.

The cover (seen at right) features Alumni Hall, a symbol of Anselmian persistance and optimism. In 1892, this building was destroyed by fire. Although it stood as a "mass of ruins," the Benedictines immediately resolved to rebuild. You can read the full story in the fall 2014 edition of Portraits.

Saint Anselm Viewbook


A page from "THE REASONS:"

Among the many educational and cultural centers that students can participate in at Saint Anselm, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library, also on campus, provides them with a unique opportunity and forum to explore all aspects of the political process through nonpartisan discussion and debate.

This page of the updated piece notes the number of U.S. Presidents who have visited campus in the past 50 years: 9!

Students have interviewed political leaders and taken part in the New Hampshire debates at the college, dating back to the 1980s.

Reasons Saint Anselm is great

Family Weekend postcard

The Family Weekend postcard replaced a previous brochure with an emotive, but light-hearted "save the date" that instructed families to visit the Family Weekend website for the full schedule, and to register for events.

"Visit, play, cheer, tour, and experience life as an ANSELMIAN.
(We know you're curious!)"

Family weekend postcard


The Magazine of Saint Anselm College: Portraits (Fall 2014)

Our fall issue featured a milestone for Saint Anselm as we celebrate our 125th year. This anniversary edition, the first of three, allows us to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and provide inspiration for the future.

In commemoration of this special anniversary year, Portraits will feature stories of what happened along the way ... stories of the people who applied their talents, faith, and labor to Saint Anselm College. Men like Bro. Bede, who helped keep the monks and students fed by raising crops and tending the college's herd of Holsteins. And Fr. Raphael, who painted the stunning ceiling of the student chapel with the help of 14 student assistants.

"This spirit of perseverance and optimism, especially in the face of adversity, characterizes Saint Anselm as a community, encompassing everyone who is a part of it, then and now... 125 years from our founding, we are now and always, proud to be Anselmians." (Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, President)

Portraits Fall 2014


Saint Anselm's 125th Anniversary Website Featured

Newly featured on the college homepage, bottom right, is our 125th Anniversary Site. 125 years from our founding, we are proud to be Anselmians, and we look forward to exploring our historic past and celebrating our bright future throughout this very special anniversary year. prominently links to our social media hub - an affirmation of our desire for student-created content to be front and center in our marketing of the college to prospective students.

Our "heroes" area is the primary storytelling space on the homepage of Click through the features, using the left and right arrows, to view some of our best content from across the site. The hero area can feature images, or dynamic content - such as video.

Saint Anselm home page
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