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President's Seal

The college seal consists of a stylized shield and "1889," the year the college was founded, surrounded by the college name.

Restricted Use

President's SealThe college seal is reserved for use on documents of a formal, official nature, including: diplomas, certificates, commencement materials, publications from the Office of the President, application materials, and for high-end merchandising or promotional items (i.e. crystal bowls, silver platters, watches, etc.) The seal should never be used with the word mark or logo and should not be used on cover or title pages over the words, Saint Anselm College.

As a practical matter, use of the seal with the words, "Saint Anselm College (i.e. on the cover page of a report) is redundant.

All use of the college seal must be pre-approved by the Office of College Communications and Marketing.

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