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Alphabetical List Of Style Preferences - C

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Do not overuse. Capitalization can interfere with readability, so keep to a minimum. Do not use all caps for Web page headings or subheadings. See department names, titles.

capstone, capstone project
Use lowercase

Career Education Services, CES
No periods in CES

catalog, catalogue
Preferred usage is catalog


No apostrophe on plural

Career and Employment Services, no periods

Not chairman, chairwoman, or chairperson

class, Class of 2004
Capitalize specific reference to class, e.g., Class of 2004. Avoid using Class of '04. See also capitalization section.

Avoid using them

click here
Avoid using empty phrases like "click here" when linking to site content. For example, don't say "Click here to download our Online Style Guide." Instead say, "Download a copy of our Online Style Guide."

clubs, committees, councils, teams
Full and official names should be capitalized. Use lowercase in subsequent references to the "club" or "committee."

College Advancement
Avoid using Development or Development Office.

college-wide, campus-wide

co words
Close up most words eliminating a hyphen.

coed, coeducational

college, the college (See also Saint Anselm College Alphabetical List Of Style Preferences - S)
In running text, always refer to Saint Anselm College in the first reference. Subsequent references can use Saint Anselm or "the college" (always us a lowercase "c" when "college" stands alone).

Saint Anselm College is located in Manchester, N.H. The college is coeducational.

college address
See address, college [link to 33.2.5 Alphabetical List Of Style Preferences - A].


commas, serial
Use serial commas (comma before "and" and "or")

The weather was cold, wet, and windy.
You can have your eggs fried, scrambled, or poached.

Use lowercase when referring to the event.

committees, councils
See clubs, committees, councils

composition titles
Italicize titles of books, magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, films, and television shows. Set titles in regular type when the surrounding text is already in italics.

computer terms
See seperate section on computer terms.

course load

course titles
Listed in title caps, with no quotation marks or italics

I'm taking two history courses this semester: Europe Since 1945 and Early Modern Europe.

course work

cum laude
No italics

curriculum, curricula
Use curricula when referring to more than one curriculum

curriculum vitae, CV
Plural: curricula vitae, CVs

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