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Alphabetical List of Style Preferences - E

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e.g. Abbreviation for "for example," usually followed by a comma.
Avoid using ex. or i.e. (i.e. is the abbreviation for "that is")

East, east
Capitalize when referring to geographic region (e.g., the East); lowercase for compass direction

e-mail, e-book, e-commerce, e-communication, e-newsletter, e-postcard, e-publishing, e-shopping
Use lowercase with hyphen. Do not capitalize.

em dash (see dash)

emerita (feminine singular), emeritae (feminine plural), emeriti (masculine or feminine plural), emeritus (masculine singular). Do not italicize.

endowed chair
Lowercase unless referring to a specific endowed chair by name (e.g., Barbara Stahl Endowed Chair for...).

en dash (see dash)

Usually preceded and followed by a comma. Avoid gratuitous use of "etc." as it is often unnecessary.

exclamation points
Avoid overuse of exclamation points in text or using more than one exclamation point for emphasis. Over use appears amateurish to the reader. See also punctuation section.


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