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Alphabetical List of Style Preferences - M

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magna cum laude
No italics

majors, programs

Majors are generally lowercased unless they include a word that is normally capitalized.

For example, physics, economics, Spanish, German, modern languages and literatures

masters, master's degree, Master of Arts degree, Master of Science degree
See more on degrees [link to degrees on D].

middle-aged, middle age, the Middle Ages

midterm, mid-1980s, mid-October

Avoid the overuse of modifiers (adjectives and adverbs) that can add unnecessarily to the length of your text (making it wordy). Commonplace modifiers to avoid are really, very, and pretty.

money (see also numbers section)
When representing money in running text, use the dollar sign. Do not use a decimal and two zeros unless you must specify the number of cents (e.g., use $8 and not $8.00).

When using numbers above $1 million, use the dollar sign and up to two decimal points (e.g., A $1.25 million gift was given to the college). Avoid listing large numbers with lots of zeros (e.g., 4,500,000,000). In headlines or tables where space is limited you may use "K", "M", or "B" to represent thousand, million, or billion.

Saint Anselm College Receives $1.2M Endowment Gift .

multicultural, Multicultural Center
Most multi words are not hyphenated


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