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Alphabetical List of Style Preferences - P

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Used to denote that a person is a parent of a Saint Anselm graduate, in this case, someone from the Class of 1995. There is no space between "P" and the apostrophe. The apostrophe should curve to the left if using smart quotes.

Trustee Jane Smith P'95 was recently named to the board.

percent, percentages
Spell out when using in running text. Okay to use "%" in charts and tables.

This year, nearly 90 percent of our students chose to live on campus.

period (see also punctuation section)
In running text, include only one space after a period and not two spaces.

Ph.D., Ph.D.s (plural), doctoral degree, doctorate (not doctorate degree)


p.m. (see also a.m. [link to 9.4.3.e Alphabetical List Of Style Preferences - A])
lowercase with periods

co, pre, un, post, multi, etc., are almost always closed up unless it precedes a proper noun; e.g., pre-Cold War

prelaw, premed, premedicine, preschool
See prefixes above.

President Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B.; Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., president of Saint Anselm College; the president (Fr. may be replaced with Rev.)

Cap if used before someone's name as a title, use lowercase if it follows someone's name; use lower case if used by itself in running text (e.g., The president is in his office today.).

Professor; Professor of Biology Bob Smith; biology professor Bob Smith; Bob Smith professor of biology
Use lowercase when appearing alone or after a person's name as a job title; use uppercase if appearing before a person's name as a job title.

Professor Smith has taught biology for 10 years.
Bob Smith, professor of biology, has taught at the college for 10 years.

Capitalize the word program only when it is part of the official name (e.g., Honors Program, Corporate Partners Program).

punctuation (see punctuation section)

publication titles
Italicize all titles for books, magazines, television shows, and movies.

NBC's Today Show; Moby Dick; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock



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