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Saint Anselm College
Do not capitalize college when referring to Saint Anselm College (e.g., The college is located in Manchester, N.H.).

Job titles
Capitalize job title if it occurs before the name; lower case if following or by itself.

Many faculty members attended the game including Professor Bob Smith.
Bob Smith, professor of biology, stayed until the end of the game.
The dean of students attended the conference.

Buildings, departments, addresses, etc.
Capitalize association, building, center, club, conference, department, hall, office, street, etc., when used as part of a title; thereafter, do not capitalize these words when used alone to refer to the specific place or group.

The Faculty Senate - thereafter, the senate
The Office or Public Relations - thereafter, the office
The History Department - thereafter, the department
Saint Anselm College Board of Trustees - thereafter, the board or the trustees

Capitalize the name of a specific course or subject.

BI 19, Aquatic Ecology

Capitalize room when used to designate a particular room.

The meeting was held in Conference Room 2 in the Dana Center.

Capitalize alphabetical abbreviations of groups, organizations, or institutions such as FBI, UNH, ROTC, USDA, UCLA, or MIT, without periods or spaces unless the entity uses such punctuation as part of its proper name.

In running text, write out the first instance and place the abbreviation in parenthesis. Thereafter you can use the abbreviated text.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has an office in Manchester. For directions to the USDA's office, visit their Web site.

Ethnic groups and nationalities
Capitalize names of ethnic groups and nationalities.

Amy Smith, professor of African American Studies
The Asian American community
The French artist

Publication titles
Capitalize all words in the titles of books, plays, lectures, musical compositions, etc. unless they are prepositions, articles, or conjunctions. (Exception: The first word of a title is always capitalized). Place all publication titles, movies, and television shows in italics.

Of Mice and Men, Spiderman II, NBC's Meet the Press, Nightline

Geographic regions
Capitalize recognized geographical regions. (Exception: Do not capitalize points of the compass.)

The South, the Midwest, the East, the West
He moved to northern Vermont.
To get to Cushing Center from Alumni Hall walk east across the quad.

College degrees
Do not capitalize official college degrees when spelled out.

He has a bachelor of science in biology, a master of arts in literature, and a doctor of philosophy.

Majors, courses, programs, etc.
Do not capitalize names of college studies, fields of study, options, curricula, major areas, major subjects, or programs, unless referring to a specific course. (Exception: Capitalize names of languages.)

Jane is studying biology, theology, and Spanish.
Each student must meet the college's core requirements in languages and humanities.
Saint Anselm College offers biology as a major.

Do not capitalize organized groups or classes of students in college or high school, or the words freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate, when referring to the classification of the student.

Humanities II must be taken in the sophomore year.
Jane Smith is a senior chemistry major.
The junior class has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow night.

Class designations
Do not capitalize designations of officers of a class, social organization, etc.

She was elected freshman class treasurer.
Bob Smith is president of the Abbey Players.

Words not to capitalize
Do not capitalize these words: honors, bachelor's degree, master's degree, baccalaureate, federal, state, and government.

Do not capitalize the word offices or departments when referring to more than one individual office or department.

The offices of Human Resources and Admission attended the event.

Do not capitalize seasons.

I am looking forward to graduating in spring 2015.

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