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Computer Terms

A good source of definitions for commonly used computer and Internet terms is

  • alt text, alternate text, alt tag
  • blog or Web log
  • CD: compact disk
  • CD-ROM: all caps and hyphenated
  • Chat
  • chatroom: one word
  • database: one word
  • disk, diskette
  • e-communication
  • e-mail
  • e-newsletter
  • e-postcard
  • e-publishing
  • forum, discussion board, bulletin board
  • 56K: no space before and "K" is capitalized
  • homepage: one word
  • html: Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Internet
  • internet service provider (ISP)
  • intranet
  • laptop: one word
  • listserv: one word, no "e"
  • log in
  • log on
  • Macintosh: no internal caps
  • Multimedia
  • offline, online: no hyphen
  • PC: personal computer (plural: PCs)
  • PowerPoint
  • real time (n.); real-time (adj.)
  • URI: uniform resource identifier
  • URL: uniform resource locator
  • videoconferencing: one word
  • Word: use after using Microsoft Word in first reference
  • Web, the Web, World Wide Web (no hyphens), Saint Anselm Web site (site's name), website (general reference)
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