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Sabbaticals offer leave time intended to provide academic faculty opportunities to enrich their personal and professional resources through such activities as study, research or other suitable undertaking which enhances their contribution to the College as a teacher and scholar.

Sabbaticals are funded at full salary for half a year, and half salary for a full year. Refer to the Faculty Handbook, Appendix VII.

Available Funds
Varies, depending upon salary and other considerations.

Apply To
Dean of the college.

Apply By
October 1 (for leave beginning in the following academic year).

Formal Report
Submitted to the Dean of the College before the beginning of the semester following the sabbatical.

For more information contact Mary Rioux at

Sabbatical Department Form: Word (30KB) | PDF (17KB)

  • Sabbatical Application Form: Word (26KB) | PDF (27KB)
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