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Saint Anselm College Climate Assessment Project

The first Campus Climate Assessment assessment was conducted in 2007 and the second in 2012. Both assessments measured specifically four areas among students, faculty and staff at Saint Anselm College: their attitudes and behaviors toward multiculturalism; the campus climate for diversity; the experiences of diverse subgroups; and how well Saint Anselm College has achieved a welcoming environment. The 2012 assessment indicates significant advances among students, faculty, and staff toward greater awareness and tolerance of diversity, as well as more desire for a welcome, inclusive environment and more sense that the college had made progress in that direction.

The hallmark of inclusiveness is open and honest dialogue. All members of the college community are encouraged to read the report, discuss it, and to communicate their thoughts, concerns, and recommendations to the members of the President's Steering Committee on Inclusiveness, or to send an e-mail to Ahida Pilarski, Special Assistant for the President for Diversity & Inclusiveness.

The full report is available on the College Portal, MyAnselm. Once you log on, you can access the report in the Inlusiveness section of the portal.

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