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Student Employment

This page provides faculty and staff with information on student employees. If you have available positions, the Office of Human Resources (HR) will post the opening. Submit the job opening to HR for approval and it will be posted online and on bulletin boards around campus.

When you fill the position there are steps you must take before your student(s) can begin working. See the Hiring Process page for step-by-step instructions. Also if the student is receiving Federal Work Study (FWS), he or she must present you with his or her work study authorization letter . For ALL student employees yellow card verification is required.

Starting pay for a first time student employee in your department is $7.25/hr. Students' rate of pay increases based on the number of years they've worked for your department (not for the college). Read more about when and how students are paid.

The college's student employment program includes Federal Work Study (FWS) and Student Payroll (STU).

Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • Federal Work Study is money awarded to students in their financial aid package funded by the Federal government and the college.
  • They can only earn up to the amount allotted to them by financial aid.
  • Students should keep track of how much they earn throughout the year.
  • HR typically sends students warnings when funds decrease to $300 and then again at $100.
  • International students do not qualify for FWS.
  • FWS students use GREEN timesheets.
  • FWS students receive paychecks bi-weekly for time worked. Funds not reduced off tuition.

If you or your student workers have questions about how much money they have remaining contact financial aid at (603) 641-7110 or at

Student Payroll (STU)

  • Any Saint Anselm student can work on campus as part of the college's student payroll program.
  • The process of finding and securing a payroll job is the same for FWS.
  • Student payroll students use YELLOW timesheets

If you have any questions about FWS or the student payroll program, call HR at (603) 641-7020 or e-mail at

Student Job Openings

For a complete list of student job openings for both Federal Work Study and student payroll positions, visit the current students section of our site. More »
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