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Hiring Process

When a student job position has been filled there are steps you must take before the student can begin working.

    1. Students should fill out student application form (Word/32KB). Please retain completed application for your records.
      Students can find additional forms and information on student employment in the current student section of the web site.
    2. You must give your student worker(s) a "Student Employment Offer Letter" (triplicate form; can be obtained from HR). You must fill out this letter, not the student. Keep pink for your records, give yellow to the student, and deliver the white copy to HR. If the student has a yellow card, you may inter-office the HR copy to HR. If the student DOES NOT have a yellow card (because he/she is a freshman or has never worked on campus before) then the student must come to HR with the completed Student Employment Offer letter and original IDs to do an I9 and W4. The student will be given a Yellow Card.
    3. The student you are hiring, FWS or payroll, must present you with his or her yellow card. The Office of Human Resources (HR) gives students a yellow card when they have completed the necessary paperwork and are considered eligible to work. If the student does not have a yellow card or has lost it, please send them to HR. Students cannot begin to work until all their paperwork has been completed.
    4. If you hire for FWS positions, verify student FWS eligibility by asking to see the student Federal Work Study authorization letter. Students receive the letter via email from HR in August confirming how much money they are eligible to earn. If the student doesn't have the letter send them to HR (third floor, Alumni Hall). If the student is concerned about the amount of money they can earn, tell them to contact financial aid at (603) 641-7110.

If you have any questions call HR at (603) 641-7381.

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