Develop a sustainable enrollment management model and a fully integrated marketing strategy

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Advancing Reputation and Reach

In order to advance Saint Anselm’s reputation and recognition among all stakeholders, the college will build a sustainable enrollment management model and develop a fully integrated marketing strategy that enhances communication with prospective students, parents, alumni, community partners, and benefactors.


Saint Anselm’s primary student market of traditional-aged high school graduates in New England is facing a steep decline and becoming increasingly price-sensitive and outcome-oriented. This compels the college to identify and aggressively promote existing and potential competitive advantages and programs of distinction that will attract and retain students and merit the interest and financial support of alumni and benefactors. The college must be more innovative in its pricing and financial aid strategy, the use of new technology, and positioning and messaging strategies to communicate the value and relevance of a Catholic and Benedictine education.

We Will

  1. Establish and achieve realistic and sustainable enrollment and retention goals by focusing innovative marketing attention on current and new academic programs of distinction and those that are in high demand among prospective students and by implementing models in financial aid packaging that support both the needs of students and long-term enrollment goals.
  2. Actively recruit, enroll, and retain more students that are traditionally underrepresented at Saint Anselm including transfer students, local commuters, international students, students of color, and students from targeted geographic areas outside of New England.
  3. Build a strategic communication model in which creative and marketing resources are integrated throughout the institution, measured for their impact, and assessed for effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. Develop a sustainable strategy for increasing capacity for effective communication with the college’s alumni, friends, and benefactors.
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