Integrate academic and co-curricular learning to ensure that students experience an outstanding education

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Creating Educational Distinction

We will offer students a high-quality and distinctive curriculum that integrates the deep learning of the liberal arts with career, community engagement, and cross-cultural experiences to enable our graduates to achieve personal and professional success in a global society. We will enrich faculty teaching and scholarship, expand our curricular offerings, and further integrate academic and co-curricular learning to ensure that students experience outstanding teaching, scholarship, and student development.


Students, parents, and government officials are increasingly concerned about affordability, educational value, and demonstrable outcomes in higher education. Yet large portions of all three groups continue to recognize a liberal arts education as valuable for personal development and career flexibility. Saint Anselm College needs to set its curriculum apart with distinctive, innovative, and interdisciplinary programs. Grounded in Catholic intellectual tradition and inspired by a Benedictine love of learning, Saint Anselm College is dedicated to a distinctive approach to education, stressing the integration of faith and reason, benefitting from the cumulative wisdom of the past, and emphasizing every individual’s responsibility for the common good of society. These distinctions will highlight the value of the liberal arts and professional programs, connecting both to contemporary careers and societal needs. The college must build upon current strengths, unite a faculty of outstanding teacher-scholars with new areas of innovation, and prepare students to be critical thinkers and ethical problem solvers in a rapidly changing global society.

We Will

  1. Design and implement a reinvigorated core curriculum that stresses the strengths of the liberal arts and prepares students for personal and professional success in a changing global society.
  2. Develop distinctiveness and flexibility in existing programs and, always faithful to our mission, create new majors aligned with our strengths and in emerging fields with long-term strategic impact.
  3. Enable every student to participate in internships, global and cross-cultural education, and service learning as integral aspects of their academic experience.
  4. Intentionally integrate curricular and co-curricular learning, including athletics, residential living, spiritual development, and community engagement, to educate the whole student and provide the transformative and signature experiences that mark a Saint Anselm graduate. 
  5. Enhance faculty as teachers and scholars by expanding faculty development support for scholarship, new teaching strategies, use of technology, expanded interdisciplinary offerings, and increased collaborations in student-faculty research.
  6. Determine the feasibility of select graduate programs which align with current strengths, address societal needs, have strategic value to the college, and would be self-sustaining.
  7. Establish systematic assessment and integration of findings for academic and co-curricular learning outcomes that result in improved student learning and program delivery.
  8. Enhance the varsity and non-varsity student athlete experience to complement the academic program and extend the reputation of the college.
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