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Developing Ethical Leaders for a Global Society

The college will broaden and build upon its existing commitments to provide an education that offers extraordinary opportunities for civic, political, and community engagement. New initiatives in social justice, intercultural competency, and global awareness will be added to an educational framework that values inclusion and seeks to develop a new generation of informed and ethical leaders.


Saint Anselm has been recognized nationally as a “College with a Conscience” for providing significant opportunities for learning and engagement with the community. The college has also gained attention for its extraordinary commitment to politics and public engagement on local, national, and global issues through programming at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. In today’s multicultural society, students must be prepared to engage with a more diverse society and world, one that extends far beyond the traditional borders of a college campus or local and regional community commitments. As an institution, grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, we find ourselves uniquely qualified to engage in this conversation about the world and our place in it. Building on the college’s existing efforts in service and in civic engagement, we will broaden and deepen these commitments to make them defining elements of a Saint Anselm education and to infuse our graduates with the ability and inclination to engage effectively in an ever more diverse society and globalized economy.

We Will

  1. Incorporate recommendations from the President’s Steering Committee for Inclusiveness Plan, including the development of an infrastructure that cultivates cultural competency, and the spirit and practice of inclusiveness at every level of the Saint Anselm community.
  2. Create new programs and experiences in ethical leadership development, including a signature program rooted in Catholic thought, Benedictine values, and Catholic social teaching that further incorporates engagement with the community, service learning, civic engagement, and leadership.
  3. Secure and sustain the viability of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics as an avenue for civic engagement and education in local, national, and global policy issues for students in all majors, and in its ongoing service as an important public resource for this region and nation.
  4. Expand opportunities for study abroad in ways that offer growth in global awareness, public service, intercultural competence, and intellectual enrichment.


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