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Partnering for the Future

To expand the variety and impact of academic, research, professional, and community engagement opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, we will identify and develop new partnerships with alumni and external stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial goals.


Under the careful stewardship of the Benedictine community, Saint Anselm College has, throughout its long history, fully utilized its many assets and extraordinary alumni to serve society and the common good. As we enter this particularly challenging period in higher education, a time of restricted resources and increased demands on our faculty, staff, and our physical plant, it is critical that we build new partnerships that will complement existing programs, advance short and long-term institutional goals and provide new and mutually-productive opportunities for the Saint Anselm community and its partners.

We Will

  1. Strengthen and better utilize the expertise of the college’s alumni from the broadest possible range of professions to expand internship and career possibilities for current students and recent graduates and mentoring opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  2. Create articulation agreements and collaborations with other colleges and universities that will expand curricular, research, and professional opportunities for students, faculty, and staff while providing reciprocal access to Saint Anselm’s resources for participating partners.
  3. Extend Saint Anselm’s involvement in service, research, human, and intellectual development through cooperative agreements with corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies and the pursuit of additional grants from federal and state government, private, and community foundations.
  4. Advance the college’s commitment to collaboratively enhance the social, cultural, economic, and political life of greater Manchester, the state of New Hampshire, and beyond by strengthening and expanding support for existing and new partnerships (e.g., the Meelia Center for Community Service, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Alva deMars Megan Chapel Art Center, and the Dana Center for the Arts and Humanities).
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