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Stewarding and Extending Resources

Recognizing that the sustainability and advancement of Saint Anselm’s mission and vision in Catholic higher education is predicated on obtaining new resources and carefully stewarding existing ones, we will seek to achieve financial, physical, human, and technological capacity required to advance the college and safeguard our environmental resources and obligations.


In recent years, higher education has come under greater public scrutiny regarding cost, affordability, accountability, and sustainability. Just as industry and government, individuals, families, and the non-profit sector are making adjustments in the allocation and stewardship of all resources, so, too, must Saint Anselm College seek broader efficiencies, new opportunities for revenue enhancement, and greater philanthropic support from stakeholders to reduce tuition dependency. As a Catholic and Benedictine institution, we take seriously our role as stewards of all that has been entrusted to us and our obligations to our students and the greater community in which we exist. The Benedictine understanding of stability, a sense of place and an emphasis on connections with our fellow human beings and our environment, informs our understanding of our role as guardians of these assets and caretakers of the college’s future.

We Will

  1. Strengthen long-term financial capacity through a comprehensive campaign and expanded fundraising, strategic investment and redeployment of existing funds, and the identification of new revenue sources.
  2. Guide selected and prioritized capital projects identified in the college’s Master Plan and facility maintenance projects to completion.
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of the campus by implementing green initiatives throughout campus and incorporating sustainable design principles in all facility and building projects.
  4. Develop a strategic plan to guide the procurement, policies, and utilization of information technology by all campus constituencies.
  5. Strengthen our human resources throughout the college by identifying sufficient staffing capacity, hiring for needed expertise through strategic reinvestment and providing professional orientation, and development opportunities.
  6. Strengthen and enhance the new governance role of the Board of Trustees in its general, academic, and financial policy-making functions, and responsibility for the college’s financial health and welfare to sustain and advance the mission and strategic goals of Saint Anselm College. 
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