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Web Site Information has launched a new look! As part of our ongoing effort to better tell our Anselmian story, we have introduced a homepage with several exciting new features.


Although it looks new, the navigation of the site remains unchanged. The entirety of has been refreshed with a new color palette and fonts, giving the site a crisper, cleaner presentation. What is new in our header is a prominent link to our social media hub - and a callout to support Saint Anselm College.

Saint Anselm College homepage

"Homepage Heroes"

Our "heroes" area is the primary storytelling space on the new homepage of Sliders (controlled by your clicking left and right with the carrot tabs on either side of the image) will feature our best content from across the site. The hero area can feature images, or dynamic content - like video.

Saint Anselm College homepage

Anselmian Information Hub

Introducing our hub for campus news, events and scores - and pretty much anything else we want to highlight. Directly below our "heroes" slider is an interchangable media hub, which will consistently feature news and events from the campus calendar - and the ability to change out college blog posts, athletic scores, and just about anything else an Anselmian would need to know.

Saint Anselm College homepage

Social Media Display & "Floating Feature"

Continuing down the homepage, you will encounter a (very cool) sliding photo that will be regularly updated to highlight our best shots from around campus. Below that you'll find our latest social media postings and a "floating feature" to the right. Typically we'll be linking to our academic offerings, but you'll see it used for other purposes from time to time.

Saint Anselm College homepage


Our robust search engine remains positioned in the header of every page. It's often the most efficient way of finding information on the site. The search box is located in the top right corner of every page in the site.  Type the information you're seeking into the box and click "Go!"

My Links

In the bottom right corner in the footer of each page you will continue to find "My Links."

Click on "My Links" in footer, a list of links will appear. Select your links by moving them from the right to the left side of the box. Once you are satisfied, save your selection. A "cookie" is then assigned to your computer noting your link preferences. They'll be listed in the footer the next time you visit the site.

Content Sharing

The site continues to features the ability to "share" content by email or on dozens of social media sites.

Simply, click the "Share" button and choose to e-mail or send the page to any of the listed sites.


The previous Saint Anselm College site was originally launched in May 2003. is the college's largest communications vehicle and information source.

The increasing importance of Web communications compelled the college to begin a Web redesign project and select a new content management system beginning in summer 2008. During the course of the redesign project, multiple committees were formed to assist with generating an RFP, vendor and CMS selection. The project was led by the Office of College Communications and Marketing. BarkleyREI of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provided project discovery, strategy, design and development assistance for the project.

Our latest refresh of the homepage, implementation of a new campus map, and updating of style sheets for the entirety of was led by Ologie of Columbus, Ohio. The project was completed in September of 2012.

The Web site is run on an Ingeniux content management system (CMS). Ingeniux is based in Seattle, Washington.