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College Writing

Application Process

Following is the process by which courses are officially designated as Writing Intensive (WI).

  1. Writing Intensive Designation Form completed by instructor
  2. Review by the applicant's department
  3. Review by Committee on College Writing
  4. Recommendation of WI designation by Committee on College Writing to the Dean of College


  • This application process is for Writing Intensive designation of existing Saint Anselm College courses. Proposed new courses must first be approved as an official course by the college following the usual procedure (department, to Dean, to subcommittee, to Curriculum Committee) before applying for Writing Intensive designation
  • Writing Intensive courses are designated for individual instructors. For courses with multiple sections, some instructors may wish to have their sections designated as Writing Intensive, while others may not. Instructors of courses with multiple sections who wish to have their courses designated as Writing Intensive will need to submit their applications individually.

Application Submission and Deadlines

The Committee on College Writing accepts department-approved applications at any time throughout the academic year. Upcoming meeting dates will be announced.

Please submit one digital copy and one printed copy with signature of department chair of each application to Jane Vendituoli, Faculty Assistant for the Core Curriculum and the College Writing Program.

Jane T. Vendituoli 
Office of Core Curriculum, Box 1724 
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102-1310
Phone: (603) 641-7720

Application Form

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