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Seeking Dedicated Women

NEW Leadership accepts undergraduate female students from public and private colleges throughout New England.

The program is open to students from any college major.


Students of all majors are encouraged to apply. Students who live in New England or attend colleges or universities in New England may apply.

We are looking for a diverse group of young women who are motivated to learn about women's participation in public life and develop their own leadership skills. Having already demonstrated leadership skills is not a necessary requirement for acceptance; those who show they have the potential for leadership are encouraged to apply.

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Applications must be received in our office no later than March 10, 2017. You will be notified in early April 2017.

2017 Program Dates

Our 2017 program will run from Sunday, June 4 through Friday, June 9.


Many colleges and universities provide co-curricular support for students pursuing academic enrichment programs outside their campuses. In some institutions this support is provided through leadership funding in the offices of the academic deans, with support sometimes coming from department and academic majors. The NEW Leadership program is predicated on students receiving support from their colleges or universities, and students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors and/or faculty members in their department to determine whether support is available at their institution.

The program fee is $650 per student. Scholarships are provided on a limited basis.


If you have any questions, would like to support the program, or would like to participate in NEW Leadership, please contact Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, via e-mail at or by phone at (603) 641-7133.

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