Teacher in classroomOur professors are the heart and soul of the academic experience.
teacher in a classroom with studentsAn education in the liberal arts and sciences exposes you to a range of viewpoints
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Our professors are the heart and soul of the academic experience. They are here because they love to teach. Most classes are small, and there are no teaching assistants so you get to know your professors one-on-one.

With specialties ranging from chemistry to business, from languages to theology, and from politics to nursing, Saint Anselm College employs 203 professors committed to educating undergraduates through rigorous coursework and collaborative research projects.

Not sure what you want to study? Our faculty members are dedicated to students who haven't declared a major.

Our faculty lead education trips abroad, advise student clubs, and show up on the news so often that you get used to it, kind of. Learn more about our faculty members by clicking the 'faculty' tab on department web sites.

Student/Faculty Ratio

Our student/faculty ratio is 10:1

It means that your professors will actually know you. That they'll have time for you. And that they'll work with you to help you reach your goals.

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