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The Glimmer of Light: Landscape Paintings by Lauren Sansaricq

September 28- December 6, 2012

The Chapel Art Center at Saint Anselm College is hosting an exhibition of landscape paintings by Lauren Sansaricq

The Chapel Art Center is very pleased to host this exhibition of landscape paintings by Lauren Sansaricq.  This is the first of a series of "suites" the Chapel Art Center will present as it celebrates its 45th anniversary.  The Glimmer of Light continues our focus in the recent past on American landscape, New Hampshire-based artists, and emerging artists.

As a particularly ambitious young painter working in the Hudson River School tradition, Lauren's paintings reveal both the subtle intimacies of observing nature, as well as the bold grandeur of the expansive view.  Her deft handling of the medium embraces all the challenges of being immersed in the scene, with a true devotion and purity of intent. As the artist has generously stated: "My hope is for the be able to imagine even more about the place than I have painted..."

These works represent a youthful call to refreshment and beauty. They speak silently of the resounding messages of nature. They contain a uniquely charming confluence of her personal lessons from masters in the past, reverently executed in the present, with an enduring look for the future. 

Lauren Sansaricq is represented by Hawthorne Fine Art, New York. For information on related events and programs, please click here.

*Gallery will be closed October 6th and November 21-25th. For gallery hours and visitor information, please click here.

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