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The Quality of Introspection: Portraits and Landscapes by Robert Bauer

February 1 - March 16, 2013

Robert BauerThe Chapel Art Center is very pleased to host this exhibition of portraits and landscapes by Robert Bauer.  This is the third in a series of "suites" the Chapel Art Center is presenting as it celebrates its 45th anniversary season.  

The Quality of Introspection considers the nature of Bauer's compelling and resonant portraits alongside a group of uniquely reflective landscape drawings. With remarkably deft precision and technical refinement, these small scale works invite us to an intimate gaze upon the subject at hand.  Mysteriously profound in their delicacy, they are also a cause to contemplate. 

Following upon the inclusion of Bauer's Adam I in our 2009 landmark exhibition, A Figural Presence, this exhibition expands upon Bauer's concept of observation.  This provides an opportunity to further the notion of "poetic regard" as we expand upon ways of knowing how to attend to art and refine our ability to see.

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