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Elizabeth Greguske, Ph.D.

2008 - Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Immunology and Infectious Disease
2004 - B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology. Biotechnology

Research Interests

As a Microbiologist, my research is centered on the bacterial pathogens in the genus Bordetella, a group of bacteria that cause Whooping Cough (pertussis) in humans, Kennel Cough in dogs and Atrophic Rhinitis in pigs. Students interested in working in my lab should speak directly with me AND will be required to get a Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) booster vaccine.


My teaching schedule rotates each semester.  Below is a list of classes that I will be teaching in the upcoming year:

  • General Biology I for majors (BI 103) - This course is the first of a two semester sequence designed for incoming science majors.
  • Microbiology (BI 108) - This course is specifically geared to the Nursing students and concentrates on the clinical aspects Microbiology.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Greguske
Elizabeth Greguske
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

Phone: (603) 641-7156
Fax: (603) 222-4012

2322 Goulet Science Center

Research Laboratory:
1324 Goulet Science Center