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Eric Berry, Ph.D.

2006 - Ph.D., Miami University (OH), Botany
1996 - B.S., Ashland University, Business Administration

Research Interests and Background

As a plant ecologist, my research interests include plant demography, life history, plant/animal interactions, and pollination biology. I am particularly interested in the application of these data to mathematically model the population dynamics of rare, invasive, or economically important plant species.  Visit my research page for more information on current research projects.

Directed Research Projects

Research in my lab is primarily focused on plant population ecology and conservation.  Students interested in conducting a directed research project are welcome to work with me on any of the on-going research projects in my lab, or on other local plant species that are rare, invasive, or otherwise ecologically important. For more information regarding specific research projects, students are advised to contact me and visit my research page.


Following is a list of courses that I regularly teach.  Follow the course links to view a recent syllabus.

Contact Information

Prof. Eric Berry

Eric Berry
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 641-7373
Fax: (603) 222-4012

1724 Goulet Science Center

Research laboratory:
1318 Goulet Science Center

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