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Barbara Stahl, Ph.D. (Memoriam)

Research Interests and Background

Prof. Barbara StahlBarbara's research interests were in the field of paleoichthyology. She worked on a study of the evolution of the holocephalian fishes, a subclass of the Chondrichthyes. Since these animals, distantly related to the modern sharks, are known largely from tooth plates and fin spines, her studies extended to the microstructure of the hard tissues, dentine, vitrodentine, enamel, and bone. She also published on the structure of the primitive brain.

Directed Studies Projects

Being interested in the development of differentiated structure both at the organismic and cellular level, She had directed students in the study of skeletal differentiation and the differentiation of neurons. In this work students used techniques of cell and organ culture learned from Professor John Feick of the Biology Department.


Barbara Stahl was one of the premier evolutionary biologists of the 20th century. She made several important contributions to study of vertebrate evolution and paleontology. Barbara's tireless efforts as a faculty member will be sorely missed. Her position as pre-professional advisor launched the careers of many Physicians, Dentists and Veterinarians who she guided and helped achieve their respecitve career goals. We have assembled the final thoughts and condolences from friends, colleagues and former students to Barbara's family on a special page in memory of Barbara. She will be long remembered for her 50 years of service to Saint Anselm College and her lifelong contributions to her profession and her community.


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