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The following is a sample listing of past internships completed by students in the Biology Department. For more information about internships, advising, and planning, and please contact Prof. Daniel Lavoie.

Project Title Organization
Exploring Animal Science Bedford Animal Hospital, Bedford, NH
Phlebotomy Elliott Hospital Phlebotomy Laboratory, Manchester, NH
International Veterinary Relations Riverside Veterinary Hospital, Boscowen, NH
Emergency Department Technician Emergency Department, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Investigational Drugs Global Discovery DMPK, Cambridge, MA
Introduction to Forensic Science New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory, Concord, NH
Heavy Duty Diesel Opacity and Idling Testing New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Concord, NH
Public Health Laboratories Toxicology New Hampshire Public Health Laboratories, Concord, NH
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