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Jobs in Biology

There are a wide variety of career paths that can be taken by students graduating with a degree in the biological sciences.  These range from obvious choices like medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy, to choices such as working for a governmental agency or a biotech company.  This page is intended as a starting point for searching for jobs in the biological sciences.

General Biological Job Sites

Texas A&M University Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board
This is a huge clearinghouse of jobs covering all levels and geographic regions.  Jobs range from full-time positions, to part-time seasonal positions, to graduate school assistantships.  A wide range of fields are covered, but it is particularly useful for students interested in short-term jobs in the areas of wildlife and environmental biology.  A great starting point for any job search.
Searchable site for federal government jobs.
Main site for all federal government jobs.  All federal agencies are included.

Ecology, Environmental, Conservation, and Wildlife Jobs

Massachusetts Audubon Society Jobs
This is a list of environmental/field jobs, mainly in Massachusetts.

New Hampshire Audubon Society Jobs
Environmental/summer camp jobs in New Hampshire.

North American Association for Environmental Education Job Board
Large list of jobs in environmental education.  Can be sorted geographically.

Sierra Club Jobs Page
Various employment opportunities with the environmental organization.  Wide geographic coverage.

The Nature Conservancy Careers Page
Various employment opportunities with the environmental organization.  Wide geographic coverage.

Student Conservation Association
Wide range of volunteer and internship opportunities in the area of natural resource conservation.

National Park Service Jobs Page
Listings of all jobs in the United States National Parks.

Archive of listserve messages with jobs, graduate assistantships, etc. in ecological/environmental fields.  Listings are organized by week.

EvolDir Graduate Assistantships
Listing of available graduate assistantships in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Animal Behavior Society: Jobs and Graduate Positions
This active site announces positions available for temporary (seasonal), permanent, part-time and full-time work. There are also announcements for available graduate positions in the fields of ecology and animal behavior. You can receive email alerts of new listings by subscribing to the ABSNet listserv.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Jobs

Chemical & Engineering News ChemJobs
Searchable listing of jobs in chemistry, biochemistry, etc. Career Center
Searchable listing of biotech jobs.

Biospace Career Center
Searchable listing of pharmaceutical and biotech jobs.

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