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Dr. J Explains Four Song Regions of the Mourning Warbler

October 22, 2010

Story by Greg Wallace '10

This is the second of two podcasts with Professor Jay Pitocchelli. In the first podcast, he discussed his research and life in the field tracking the Mourning Warbler.

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Mourning WarblerOn the Saint Anselm College campus, Jay Pitocchelli is known for his biology and ornithology classes. But off campus — and among readers of his blog, — he is known for his body of scholarly research on the Mourning Warbler.

In our first podcast of this two-part series, Pitocchelli described the his research, travels, and innovative uses of technologies. In this podcast, he discusses the four regions of Mourning Warbler song that he has observed. His current research examines the birds' ability to identify Mourning Warblers from other dialects, or regiolects. He also let us listen to his audio recordings from each of the geographic and dialectic regions: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Eastern, and Western.

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

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