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Student's Starfish Paper Published

November 08, 2010

Story by Laurie Morrissey

Nina PelletierCarbon emission into our atmosphere is an issue for many creatures, including animals that live in the ocean. Senior biology major Nina Pelletier has learned a lot about the effect of air pollution on sea stars (starfish), sea urchins, and brittle stars, and it is the subject of her first scientific publication. Her article, "Threat of Ocean Acidification to Echinoderms," is featured in a peer-reviewed scientific Web journal for undergraduates, the Journal of Young Investigators. The article is an extension of work she did as a sophomore in Brian Penney's invertebrate zoology class.

Pelletier, from Groveton, N.H., hopes to become an osteopathic physician. She is involved in a genetics research project funded by a major grant to the college in the laboratory of Professor Daniel Broek.

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