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A Career in Medicine

I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine; however, I wanted more time to figure out exactly where I wanted to go to school, thus I decided to obtain my master's degree. The master's program at Boston University was quite rigorous; however, I believe that because of my education at Saint Anselm College I was fully prepared to handle the curriculum. 

Kayla MahoneyDr. Larson's Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy class taught me the skills of being able to quickly learn and integrate a large volume of material in a short period of time. My exposure to Biochemistry from Dr. Lavoie made my Biochemistry class much more manageable. In addition, doing research my senior year with Dr. Tobin and Dr. Vallari gave me lab experience that was extremely helpful when applying for research positions to complete my thesis work.  

I was surprised when I would go on medical school interviews and sometimes the interviewer would know of Saint Anselm College. One interviewer even remarked, "Saint Anselm is a very challenging school. You must have gotten a wonderful education there." 

Without my education at Saint Anselm, I do not believe that I would have excelled in the master's program, and I most likely would not have gained entrance to medical school. My undergraduate studies prepared me not only to be able to handle a rigorous curriculum but also how to handle ethical dilemmas and everyday situations while still keeping my composure. I would not have gotten as far in my education as I have without the help of the Saint Anselm community!

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