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  • Saint Anselm College Probe and Scalpel Annual Banquet.  Keynote Speaker.  "Archaeometry:  A Collaboration Between Chemistry and Classics", May 3, 2011.
  • Bedford New Hampshire Rotary. Invited talk. "Oh...You Teach Chemistry," April 30, 2007.
  • Saint Anselm College Probe and Scalpel Annual Banquet. Keynote Speaker. "Archaeometry: A Collaboration Between Chemistry and Classics for Metals in Ancient Coins," April 30, 2007.
  • Department of Chemistry Reunion Symposium, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. Invited talk. "Investigations of Lead Content in Ancient Bronze Coins," June 9, 2006.
  • McGill University Chemistry Department, Montreal, Canada. Invited talk. "Total Mercury and Methylmercury in Biological Materials," November 12, 2004.
  • Statewide Service-Learning Conference, Manchester, N.H. "Service Learning in Environmental Chemistry," April 19, 2002.
  • Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation, Gaithersburg, Maryland. "Certification of NIST Environmental Reference Materials for Methylmercury Content: the First Certified Metal Speciation Values Generated at NIST," February 29, 1996.
  • The Hewlett-Packard Company, Little Falls Site, Wilmington, Delaware. "Organomercury Speciation in Marine Materials by Gas Chromatography with Atomic Emission Detection," invited seminar, December 1, 1994.

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