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Chemistry (Teacher Certification in Chemistry)

A program of studies in Chemistry which meets the requirements of the State of New Hampshire Department of Education for Teacher Certification in Chemistry. The program offers a curriculum which emphasizes chemistry, yet provides a background in related science areas needed by the high school teacher.

Course Sequence

Freshman Year
Humanities I Humanities II
Freshman English 103 Freshman English 104
Language Language
Chemistry 130 Chemisty 131
Mathematics 170 Mathematics 180
Sophomore Year
Humanities III Humanities IV
Philosophy/Theology Education 130
Langauge Language
Chemistry 250 Chemistry 251
Physics 121 or 131 Physics 122 or 132
Early Field Experience Early Field Experience
Sophomore Early Field Experience should be taken either semester
Junior Year
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Chemistry 280 Philosophy/Theology
Biology 103 Biology 104
Education 315 Education 322
Chemistry 270 Elective
Senior Year
Philosophy/Theology Education 432** (Student Teaching)
Philosophy/Theology Education 442
Chemistry 340 Education 431
History 250 or 251
Research & Seminar CH420*

*In CH420 the student will plan a research project in chemical education. The project will be implemented in ED432. CH420 Research & Seminar I carries no credit.

**ED432 fulfills the CH421 requirement for chemistry in the educational track, provided the student fulfills the thesis presentation requirements of CH421.