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The Chemistry minor complements a student's major by strengthening the understanding of science at the molecular level. Experiences within these courses will assist students in recognizing and addressing the changing needs of society, as well as providing grounding in conceptual and practical knowledge. The program is designed to provide flexibility so that students can tailor the program to their personal interests.

Required Courses

CH130 General Chemistry I
CH131 General Chemistry II

Select four (4) from the following:
CH210 Chemistry of Food
CH220 Forensic Chemistry
CH250 Organic Chemistry I
CH251 Organic Chemistry II
CH260 Environmental Chemistry
CH270 Quantitative Analysis
CH280 Physical Chemistry I
CH281 Physical Chemistry II
CH310  Instrumental Analysis
CH340 Inorganic Chemistry I
CH350 Organic Chemistry III
CH355 Polymer Chemistry
CH360 Inorganic Chemistry II
CH370 Synthesis and Characterization
CH380 Physical Chemistry III
CH400 Independent Study
CH405 Special Topics in Chemistry
CH406 pecial Topics in Chemistry w/ Lab
CH410 Research
PH231 Modern Physics
BI336 Biochemistry
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Students interested in a minor must declare the minor prior to pre-registration period for the fall of their senior year. Candidates must have an average GPA of 2.33 in the required courses for successful completion of the minor.