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Forensic Studies

Forensics lies at the intersection of criminal justice and science. This minor recognizes a student's appreciation and understanding of biological, chemical, and image production concepts in the context of the criminal justice system. An interdisciplinary committee oversees this minor.

Minor Requirements

  1. The student must be a degree candidate at Saint Anselm College.
  2. The student must formally register for the minor with the chair of the minor committee no later than the first semester of the junior year.
  3. The student must complete five courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course. The student must earn a minimum C+ (2.33) cumulative grade point average in the courses in the minor.
    1. The student is required to take Evidence (CJ211).
    2. The student is required to take Criminal Procedure (CJ212).
    3. The student is required to take Forensic Chemistry (CH220).
    4. The student is required to take one of the following science courses: Forensic Physics (PS104), Genetics (BI327), or Microbiology (BI108 or BI318) as appropriate to his/her major.
    5. The student is to take one other course in image production. This course can be Elementary Photography (FAS240) or Digital Art and Imaging (FA272).
  4. The student must successfully complete a comprehensive exam on material from the five minor courses.