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Doctoral Program Supports Hopes for a Cure

Jen Pace of the class of 2013 is earning her doctorate at the University of ConnecticutJennifer Pace, of the class of 2013, dives into her doctoral program at the University of Connecticut head-first this summer, hoping her research impacts suffering patients as well as science.

A biochemistry major at Saint Anselm College, Jen is earning her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration in medicinal chemistry. She works in the lab on organic synthesis and the evaluation of compounds for treatments of cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

"I hope to continue doing research in this field to help many people by preventing or curing a disease. When I got to St. A's, I knew I wanted to help people but I knew being a doctor or a nurse wasn't for me. Getting involved in undergraduate research made me realize that I could help people in many other ways," says Jen.

Jen's undergraduate education involved considerable lab time. Her senior year she successfully synthesized 10 molecules that only exist at Saint Anselm. She presented her research at the college's SOAR Program, a series that showcases outstanding research and artwork by Saint Anselm students.

During the summer before her senior year, through Saint Anselm College's connection with the NH-INBRE grant, she conducted research on malaria cures at Dartmouth College. She was one of only eight students selected in the state to study at Dartmouth.

At the University of Connecticut, Jen is a teaching assistant and a research fellow. In addition to her work in the labs, she ultimately wants to be a professor.

"I want to inspire future generations just as my professors at St. A's inspired me."

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