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The Communication Minor

The Communication Minor is a plan of study administered by the Department of English. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore practical and theoretical dimensions of communication theories in interpersonal, small group, public, mass and intercultural contexts. Students develop competencies in verbal and visual literacy by analyzing and interpreting language, symbols, images and mediated messages. Core and elective courses in the program approach communication as a complex process that influences human relationships in private, public, intercultural and mediated contexts. The primary goal of the Communication Minor is to furnish students with conceptual tools with which to evaluate and respond to the diverse communication events that occur in everyday life, as well to prepare them for careers in communication.

Required Courses:

  • EN 110 Introduction to Human Communication
  • EN 115 Introduction to Mediated Communication
  • EN 216 Principles and Practices of Journalis
  • EN 221 Public Speaking

Two elective courses related to the field of communication, chosen with approval of the Coordinator of the Communication Program. At least one of these courses must be at the 300-level or above.