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The Computer Science Department maintains its own computing facilities for its students and faculty. Electronic door locks control access to these computer rooms in the department. Access is controlled by the college identification card-swipe system. The Computer Science Department has a separate domain (network) called the "CSLAB". All the computers in the CSLAB domain are available for use by everyone with an account on this domain. All CS majors/minors or any student who takes a Computer Science course can request an account (username/password). There is a Linux authentication and file server. The name of this server is "Athena". The student can store their personal files, assignments either on "Athena" or on multiple network attached storage devices.

All the computers have internet access. Wireless internet access is available throughout Poisson Hall which houses the Computer Science Department.

Room 115, Poisson Hall

This is the C.S. Major Center where you will find most of the CS student hanging out or busy doing their assignments. This lab contains 12 Dell desktops installed with 32 bit native Windows XP Operating System. These computers also have CentOS Linux and Windows 7 are available as virtual machines using VMware virtualization software. The computers are configured with all the software needed for Computer Science courses. Students can bring their personal laptop and work here too. A network printer is available for use with all the computers and students use it frequently to print their assignments and reading material. The lab also has a scanner. A work table equipped with paper cutter, tape dispenser, and stapler is available to students.

Room 108, Poisson Hall

Most of the Computer Science classes take place in this room. This is a classroom with 16 Dell Laptops, 2 blackboards, audio/video equipment and an overhead projector. The network printer in Room 115 can be accessed by all the laptops and students can use the printer from this classroom.

Classroom A, Poisson Hall

This classroom has 30 Dell workstations, an overhead projector and a blackboard. The 30 computers are configured with Windows 7 Professional operating system and all the software required by the students. There is a printer in the room which can be accessed from all the computers in the room.

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