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The Computer Science Department has three full-time faculty members.

Our faculty believe strongly in direct interaction with students, and many of our students develop lasting relationships with faculty that continue well beyond the four years spent at the college.  This close link between students and faculty is one of the distinct advantages of an education at a small, liberal arts college like Saint Anselm.

Adam Albina

Adam Albina (part-time faculty)
M.S. Information Systems, 1995, University of Maryland Baltimore County.

I teach courses in the areas of Software Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design, Programming, and Relational Database Design and Development. My research interests are in the area of Requirements Engineering. I have worked in industry as a Senior Software Architect, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst and Chief Operating Officer. I am currently the Chief Information Officer for Saint Anselm College.

Prof. Mihaela Malita

Mihaela Malita, Ph.D.
Ph.D. 1977. University of Bucharest.

My research interests include algorithms for parallel computing, parallel architectures, and AI programming languages (Lisp, Prolog). I teach courses in computer graphics, programming paradigms, operating systems, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Prof. Rajesh Prasad

Rajesh Prasad, Ph.D.
Ph.D. 2009. University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Being a trained engineer and computer scientist I am drawn to the computer systems and network. My research interests include cellular Wi-Fi, ad hoc networks, wireless mesh networks, network coding, mobile and distributed computing. I am also interested in wireless sensor networks, the next generation wireless systems, and integrated heterogeneous wireless & wired networks.

Prof. Carol Traynor

Carol Traynor, Sc.D (Chair)
Sc.D. 1998. University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

I teach courses in discrete mathematics, database management, computer forensics, human computer interaction, computer applications, and a course in computational approaches to business and scientific data. My research interests include human computer interaction, end-user programming, programming-by-demonstration, and Geographic Information Systems.

Faculty Assistant
Sandra Provencher
(603) 641-7155

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