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Computer Science Minor

The minor in Computer Science provides students with a general proficiency in the field of Computer Science and prepares them to enter a field that requires a level of computer expertise. Students gain a foundation in the field that will enable them to explore in more detail how to use computers to solve real-world problems.

A minor in Computer Science requires students to complete six courses, four required and two electives.

Required Courses

CS111 Computing I (in special cases a student may substitute another CS course for this requirement; see * below)
CS112 Computing II
CS115 Discrete Math I or an approved Mathematics course **
CS220 Computer Architecture


Students can choose any two Computer Science courses numbered 200 or above excluding CS204 A Computational Approach to Business and Scientific Data.

* In the event that a student is eligible to take CS112 without taking CS111, the student can substitute another Computer Science course for CS111 with department approval. CS 325 Operating Systems is strongly recommended.

** This math requirement can be fulfilled by MA170 Calculus I, a Statistics course (EC121, MA330, SO212, CJ203, BI345, PY301) or another Math- based course approved by the department.