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Student Opportunities

Students within the Department of Computer Science can participate in several clubs and activities related to course studies and research. The college offers additional opportunities for engagement. And if you don't see a club or activity that meets your interest, start one.

Gaming Association

The Saint Anselm Gaming Association (SAGA) is an association of students who have an interest in a variety of games, including computer games, video games, role playing games, board games, strategy games, and collectable card games. Strategic sports such as laser tag and paintball are also included. The association hosts tournaments, fairs, competitions, and conventions.


Computer Science majors are well positioned to seek student employment with HawkNet, Saint Anselm's information technology customer support program. HawkNet offers student employees flexible hours and hands-on experience while working in teams to help solve IT issues for on-campus users. HawkNet offers great resume experience, structured training, student leadership positions, flexible hours, good pay, and a fun-working environment.

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