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David I. Hull, M.S., M.A., J.D.

Ph.D. Candidate, Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Maryland College Park
2003 - J.D., Boston College Law School
2003 - M.A., Higher Education Administration, Boston College
2000 - M.S., Criminal Justice, Northeastern University
1999 - B.S., Criminal Justice, Northeastern University

My main research interests are in guns, gun violence, and gun control; I have investigated the effect of civilian concealed carry of firearms on violent crime rates as well as the predictors of civilian concealed carry.  I am also interested in the intersection of criminology and policy; are our approaches to crime control in keeping with what we know about the origins of crime?  Can our legal system, which narrowly assumes rational actors and free will, be an effective mechanism of social control when the causes of crime are so diverse?

I have also researched what factors most strongly influence a prosecutor's decision to seek the death penalty and the impact of post-release mentoring on the recidivism of female parolees.  Students are always encouraged to get involved in research, whether it's mine, theirs, or even outside of Criminal Justice.  I have advised students conducting research on the link between immigration and crime, police use of force, police corruption, rape, and drug abuse.  I teach courses in criminology, public policy, statistics, research methods, criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence. 

Contact Information

Prof. David Hull
David I. Hull

Assistant Professor
Department of Criminal Justice
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

Phone: (603) 641-7684

Office: 219 Bradley House

Office Hours: TBA
Other by appointment

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