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Amy Schmidt

1989 - Ph.D., University of Florida
1984 - M.A., University of Florida
1983 - B.A., George Washington University

Teaching Goals and Interests

I am an economist who has been on the Saint Anselm faculty since 2002. I teach the micro and macro introductory courses, international economics, labor economics, statistics, and econometrics.

Econometrics and labor economics are my favorites, because the economic theory learned in the introductory classes is applied to real world topics that students and I are affected by and really interested in. In econometrics, each student works on a project throughout the course where they collect data on any topic she or he is interested in and estimates the results to determine the answer to questions posed on that topic.

In The Classroom

I enjoy helping my students make connections between their own lives and the economic theory learned in class. Thinking like an economist, once learned, will stay with you and shape your view of your own individual choices for the rest of your life. I also believe that an understanding of business cycles and government policies will help students respond more quickly to changes in economic conditions when they enter the business world.

Like all Saint Anselm faculty I am a student advisor as well as a professor. I enjoy meeting with students over their four years and discussing their plans for each semester and for their future.


My current research project is investigating the reasons for the low rate of household formation of the Millennial generation.

Contact Information

Amy Schmidt
Amy Schmidt

Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Business
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 641-7238
Fax: (603) 641-7268

Office: 206 Joseph Hall

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Professor Schmidt talks about teaching Saint Anselm students to think critically, and to not just accept everything they hear from everybody, including presidential candidates.

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