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Janet Romaine

1999 - Ph.D., McMaster University, Business
1990 - M.B.A., Saint Mary's University
1971 - B.A., Oberlin College, English

Research Interests and Background

What makes people happy about their work? In some cases, the answer might be "nothing but the paycheck." However, if we look more closely, people generally have a complex and multifaceted relationship with their jobs, coworkers, and organizational setting. As a professor and researcher in the field of management, questions about how to motivate people to perform well at work, how to measure that performance, and how to reward it in ways that are effective are at the core of what I investigate and explore with students.

More specifically, I have written articles that discuss whether women and men differ in how they manage subordinates, how companies handle questions related to work-family conflict, and fairness in how family-friendly policies are established and utilized. My current research looks at how company policies and practices related to promoting employees into higher-level jobs affect motivation and organizational effectiveness.

Contact Information

Janet Romaine
R. Janet Romaine

Department of Economics and Business
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 641-7125
Fax: (603) 641-7268

Office: 208 Joseph Hall

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