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The Economics minor is available to any student with another major who wishes to pursue an interest in Economics. The minor is designed to enhance student knowledge about the impact of economics within various disciplines, and will be particularly useful to those interested in a variety of business and/or public policy issues. It consists of two required courses: Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics, plus any three of the following economics classes:

• BU121 (or equivalent) Statistics

• EC241 Intermediate Macroeconomics

• EC242 Intermediate Microeconomics

• EC243 Money and Banking

• EC244 Economics of Industrial Organization

• EC245 Labor Economics

• EC247 International Economics

• EC250 Environmental Economics

• EC341 Seminar in Economics

• EC342 Econometrics

• EC344 Sports Economics

• EC345 Great Depression

• EC441 Special Topics in Economics

At most, two courses can count towards other major or minor requirements. For example, since business majors are required to take EC141, EC142 and BU121, a business major would need to take three additional courses to satisfy the requirements for the Economics minor.