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Internships Launch Financial Career

Alumnus Christopher Tinsley of the class of 2013 has a job as a client associate at a private banking and investment groupBy the completion of three internships in finance, Christopher Tinsley '13 knew that after graduation Hegenbart Financial Advising was the right place for him to begin his career. The financial economics major is a client associate for the private banking and investment group that is associated with Merrill Lynch.

As a client associate, Chris supports all aspects of his clients' needs, which includes monitoring their portfolios, making trades for their accounts, and keeping their information up-to-date. The Hegenbart Group is a wealth management team that focuses on the financial needs of non-profit organizations and affluent individuals.

Chris had previously interned with Simmons-Doyle Group in Manchester as well as Fidelity Investments and New England Securities, which he says helped his transition from intern to full-time employee.

"I also credit the Saint A's business department; they helped me grasp pertinent financial concepts that are now part of my every day tasks," says Chris.

While at Saint Anselm, Chris studied abroad at the University of London, England and was a top debater on the debate team.

He was also the student speaker at his commencement in 2013. Read or listen to his speech on the commencement coverage website.

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