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Wall Street Never Sleeps

Michael GraverMichael Graver got his first look at Wall Street during the fall of his senior year in his class "Money and Banking." Two years later, when his former professors brought a class to Manhattan's financial district, he was their host in his office at J.P. Morgan Securities.

Mike spent three years on the stock research marketing desk at the firm and is now a vice president in institutional equity sales, connecting JPM's global research and trading capabilities with N.Y.C. Hedge Fund investors. 

Mike feels strongly that international experience is important. "It's a global economy. The more you can learn about government, culture and companies outside the U.S., the better," he says. He earned a German certificate and spent a semester at Richmond University in London. In 2009, he had the opportunity to work in the Mumbai, India, office for three months training new research associates.

He also values his undergraduate internship at Merrill Lynch. "Internships are mandatory," he says, "even more now than when I was a student."

Mike works long days that start early. He's often in the office at six looking at what's going on in Europe and Asia, because those markets open earlier. But he has plenty of interests to take his mind off the international economy: he runs and plays soccer, keeps a close eye on the real estate market, and goes out for "New York sushi: "It's the best!"

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